ESNA - Europe Startup Nations Alliance

Aiming to project Europe in the global entrepreneurship panorama by supporting European startups in their assertion and competitiveness in the global market.

What is it?

The Europe Startup Nations Alliance (ESNA) is the new European entity to support entrepreneurship, which will have permanent representation in Lisbon.  

Headquartered at the Pavilhão de Portugal, ESNA marks the beginning of the implementation phase of the EU Startup Nations Standard (EU SNS), a declaration signed by 27 countries – 26 European Union member states and Iceland – in which eight leverage standards were identified to ensure that European startups take advantage of the most favorable conditions to grow at all stages of their life cycle. 

Some of the goals of this alliance are: 

  • Continuously monitor information about the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the partner countries 
  • Share best practices
  • Provide technical support to countries in implementing concrete changes



8 "Patterns" for Leveraging Startups

1 | Speed up and simplify the creation of startups 

2 | Attract and retain talent

3 | Stock options

4 | Innovate in regulation

5 | Facilitate the acquisition of Innovation 

6 | Facilitate access to financing 

7 | Social inclusion, diversity, and protection of democratic values

8 | Digital first



National Incubator and Accelerator Network

A network that connects and enables more than 150 Portuguese incubators and accelerators distributed throughout the country, becoming a decisive factor for the success rate of innovative ideas and startups.

Portuguese startup ecosystem

Portugal is an increasingly prominent destination for its quality of life, safety, climate, culture, talent and business-friendly environment,
which has been a determining factor in the creation of a dynamic and rapidly expanding startup ecosystem. 

Investor network

Investors should not be seen strictly as capital injectors in startups, but also as essential agents for the development of the idea and the business, particularly in terms of management, sales, managing to scale, access to people, and markets.

Entrepreneur support

Attracting investment, retaining talent, and empowering national entrepreneurship. 

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