National Smart City Strategy

Generalize the use of digital technologies in Portuguese territory management.

What is it?

The National Smart Cities Strategy is a guiding document to accelerate the transformation of Portuguese municipalities.  

It aims to create integrated planning in smart city implementation that allows: 

  • Scale small projects between municipalities 
  • Define common practices and principles, applicable to all initiatives in Portugal 

For whom?

  • Local Authorities 
  • Citizens 
  • Companies

How to:

The development of smarter territories requires: 

  • Creation of a National Smart Cities Strategy 
  • Provision of common practices and principles applicable to smart cities 
  • Creation of an action plan to implement and generalize smarter territories 



  • Improve the quality of services provided to citizens 
  • Develop a governance model for the common good 
  • Streamline innovation in the territory 
  • Optimize public spending on smart city investments
  • Improve decision making 


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