Transatlantic Connectivity - EllaLink

What is it?

Portugal at the epicenter of connectivity.

The increasingly digital world demands the connection between countries and continents.

In this context, EllaLink establishes a direct high-speed link, by fiber-optic submarine cable between Europe and Latin America for data transmission.

At the epicenter of this transatlantic connectivity route is Portugal, where Sines is the new center for business opportunities associated with data science and related activities such as data centers, among others.

EllaLink for the digital world

Direct connectivity with maximized data privacy

Shorter, new and unique link with up to 50% latency reduction

Alternative Transatlantic Route for Latin America

Offer on an independent and open access basis

Learn more about EllaLink, in service since June 2021:

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A new source of opportunities

EllaLink generates a new set of opportunities that are globally accessible. It is a new economic hub that combines the well-being of the city of Sines with the cutting edge of technology.  

Features a range of services, infrastructure, and facilities to answer the needs of various sectors, ranging from industrial activities, logistics, to energy, as well as a whole new world associated with emerging technologies.

Find out what the EllaLink environment has to offer

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