National Blockchain Strategy

Blockchain in Portugal

Distributed Ledger Technologies (including Blockchain) have an enormous potential to transform a wide range of sectors, such as: traditional economy sectors, like agriculture and agribusiness; technological sectors related to digitalization and also services sectors like Finance, Insurance and Law; not to mention the Public Administration itself.

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the fastest emerging technologies. Europe, still without a Blockchain strategy, has set itself the goal of creating a blockchain standard. Therefore, the necessary conditions have already been established, through the development of a normative and political framework that supports innovation, startup support and ecosystem development to boost this technology.

In Portugal, developing solutions and services using these technologies in different activity sectors, even in the public sector, is a reality. Several national and international startups have been developing projects in Portugal, making use of our professionals’ technical skills, as well as the active entrepreneurial movement that has brought together academia, startups, companies and public administration.

Therefore, there is a need to develop a National Blockchain Strategy that takes advantage of investment opportunities (especially within the EU framework), our professionals’ digital competences and skills, entrepreneurial capacity and the willingness to put Portugal in an outstanding position in innovation in this field. 

The country is preparing to start the development of its National Blockchain Strategy, a strategy that meets the objectives set out under the Digital Transition and that simultaneously accompanies the development of a Europe that is also committed to change.

Ongoing Plan

To this end, a Working Group composed of different public and private entities, academia and experts of recognized value will be established. This workgroup will be responsible for developing a National Blockchain Strategy useful today, but with the future in mind. It is important to be able to anticipate possible scenarios, as only in this way will we be able to lead innovation and have the capacity to capture and retain investment and talent.

This work group will also be responsible for the development of the National Blockchain Strategy action plan between 2022 and 2023.


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