Digitalization of the sea

Simplifies and expedites processes, promoting the maritime activities.


Program for the governance digital transformation of the Portuguese sea, in its different aspects, from scientific study and ocean observation, monitoring and conservation, maritime planning, sustainable exploration of its resources and management of activities developed at sea.

Digitalization of the marine environment simplifies and expedites processes, promoting maritime activities. It involves the digitalization of procedures, data access and analysis, identification of new products and services for the benefit of the blue economy.

Of particular note:

  • Maritime Spatial Planning Situation Plan (PSOEM): an instrument to monitor maritime planning. As a public domain, the sea must be available for economic activities. Find out more at Geoportal.
  • Sea Electronic Counter (BMar): with more than 100 online services, the BMar allows for the registration of sea activities and to generate documents such as recreational navigator’s licenses, aquaculture titles, professional or recreational fishing licenses, ship and seaman certificates, and radio station licenses.


  • Retain and draw citizens and the production sector to traditional and emerging activities 
  • Increase ocean education, training and literacy 
  • Stimulate scientific knowledge and technological development 
  • Improve market analysis, new products and services through new intelligence tools 
  • Increase remote monitoring capacity of the ocean and coastal areas 


Entidade coordenadora:

Logótipo da DGRM - Direção Geral de Recursos Naturais, segurança e serviços marítimos


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National Smart City Strategy

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