Invoice desmaterialization

Get your invoices in digital format.

What is it?

The dematerialization of invoice delivery will allow companies to safely, automatically and easily sign and send their invoices to your email, replacing the physical invoice for all legal purposes. Sending and receiving 100% of your invoices online contributes to a more environmentally friendly and digital Portugal. This solution is available free of charge to small and medium-sized businesses. It consists of:

For Whom?

  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
  • Citizens


700 million invoices by 2025

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  • Accelerate the transition to a paperless society
  • Ease the automatic recording of invoice information and increase the efficiency of taxpayers’ accounting processes 
  • Have access to invoice status and the respective legal guarantees in a more streamlined manner 
  • Optimize resources by freeing up people for other value-added tasks 
  • Reduced costs for businesses


Coordinating entity:

Logótipo da Estrutura de Missão Portugal Digital

Logótipo da Agência para a Modernização Administrativa

Governmental areas involved:

Logótipo República Portuguesa


Digitalization of the 25 public services

Access online public services simply and intuitively.


An online platform that provides access to information and services and facilitates interaction between citizens, companies, and the State.

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