I Am Digital

Helping adults take their first steps online and using the internet.

What is it?

A program that helps adults acquire basic digital knowledge.

The goal is to prepare 30.000 volunteers so that they can provide basic digital training, and create 1,500 digital skill training centers in partnership with local authorities and organizations throughout the country.

What do we have for you?

  • Initial training for everyone who’s interested in learning how to use the internet (email, online research, use of digital public services, access to services such as homebanking or social networks, among others). Become "autonomous" in the digital world!
  • If you want to improve the life of someone who still doesn’t know how to use the internet, the online mentoring program (2 hours) is for you. Help make Portugal more digital! Sign up here.


  • Increase digital literacy
  • Share experience across generations
  • Fight isolation
  • Promote safe internet usage
  • Facilitate job search and access to digital services

Conhece alguém que nunca utilizou a internet e quer aprender?

Quer voluntariar-se para dar formação?

Conhece uma organização com interesse em tornar-se num centro?

Encontre o centro mais perto de si.

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Teach people in your community how to take their first steps on the Internet

Create a core digital skills learning center in your community

Do you know someone who has never used the Internet and wants to learn?

Get to know the testimony of those who participated


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This program competes for INCODE.2030. A nation-level initiative that aims to improve the digital skills of all Portuguese people, investing in digital inclusion and literacy, preparing new generations, qualifying the active population, and in advanced and specialized training of senior management and research. Find out more at INCoDe.2030

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Portugal Digital Academy

The Portugal Digital Academy will open its doors in March 2022 so that all citizens can improve their digital skills regardless of age. We want to empower the Portuguese people towards a more digital nation.

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