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Investors should not be seen strictly as capital injectors in startups, but also as essential agents for the development of the idea and the business, particularly in terms of management, sales, managing to scale, access to people, and markets.

What is it?

Capital is a key ingredient in the ecosystem, as it allows different players to invest and develop the business, generating a multiplier effect.

An investor represents much more than "capital", it is a structuring agent in converting ideas into business and supporting startups to achieve success.

Startups change stages throughout their lifecycle. At each stage their needs are different and involvement with different agents will differ over time.

Investor typologies:

Government funding agencies. Public venture capital can make a decisive contribution in closing the startup funding gap at a very early stage, as private investors tend to avoid projects with a high level of risk and uncertainty.

Wealthy individuals usually with business experience who invest part of their assets directly in new and growing private companies.

Professional private investors, usually organized into funds, who provide capital to companies with high growth potential in exchange for a stake in the company. This can be either by financing startups or supporting small companies that want to expand and do not have access to the stock market.

It is the practice of investing corporate funds directly in external startups. As a rule, these are large companies that wish to invest in small but innovative startups. It takes place through joint venture agreements or the acquisition of equity stakes. The investing company can also support the startup with its expertise in management, marketing, strategic direction, and/or a line of credit.

Relevant Indicators


$1B (847 M€) of Capital invested by Venture Capital in startups

17th place in the European Capital Ranking | 2019 

17.7 M€ of public capital investment in +59 startups

Portugal Ventures | 2020 





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