Professional requalification program in digital technologies that offers intensive training followed by job market integration. 

What is it?

Professional requalification program in digital technologies aimed at unemployed or underemployed people, providing them with intensive training in higher education institutions, and subsequent integration in the labor market. What sets this program apart is that the training content, location and number of trainees are defined by companies according to their needs, easing employability at the end of the training.

For whom?

Unemployed or underemployed individuals who have completed high school education. 


Step 0 | Needs Assessment
Companies identify their recruitment needs, pinpoint the technological areas and the areas where they need qualified people.

Step 1 | Application and Selection
Applicants register on the UPskill website. Selection is done using online tests and an interview.

Step 2 | Training in information, communication and electronic technologies
Preferably on-site, between 3 to 6 months, in higher education institutions, with access to a training scholarship supported by the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP).

Step 3 | Internship or on-the-job training
3 months of on-the-job training, carried out in companies that are part of the UPskill program, with a training scholarship provided by the company where the individual is assigned.

Step 4 | Integration into the labor market
Companies commit to hiring at least 80% of the trainees who successfully complete the training and pass the interviews, with a salary of no less than 1,200 euros (gross, including food allowance).


  • Retraining people from other fields into ICT professionals
  • Investing in qualified work with better pay and strong employability
  • Ensure employment opportunities for unemployed or underemployed people
  • Meeting businesses’ specific hiring needs
  • Increase skilled employment in the interior of the country

If it means having a better life, I want it.

If it’s to strengthen my IT team, I want it.

If it is to have access to new opportunities, I want it. Get to know the testimonies of those who participated.


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This measure is part of INCODE.2030. A national initiative that aims to bring digital skills to all Portuguese, investing in inclusion and digital literacy, in the education of new generations, in the qualification of the active population, in advanced and specialized training of senior managers, and in research. Learn more at INCoDe.2030


Portugal Digital Academy

The Portugal Digital Academy will debut in March 2022 so that all citizens, in the various stages of life, can improve their digital skills. We want to empower the Portuguese towards a more digital nation.

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