Cooperation Protocols

What are they?

They are cooperation agreements with key tech companies in the Portuguese market aimed at reinforcing investment in digital transition.

What do they consist of?

The cooperation protocols are aligned with the strategic pillars of the Digital Transition Action Plan.

Among the various protocols, there are measures to strengthen the enrichment of digital skills, such as sharing training content or the availability of credits to access training, facilitating access to technological tools, access to funds that allow investment in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, the creation of scholarships for digital research, the creation of development and testing laboratories with private sector companies and/or the Public Administration, among many others.

Simultaneously, there is a transversal intention that these companies invest in Portugal with the creation of development or service centers, with the major goal of increasing employability at a national level and increasing the external visibility of the country in digital-related matters.

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