EPortugal - One-stop digital portal

An online platform that provides access to information and services and facilitates interaction between citizens, companies, and the State.

What is it?

ePortugal is a portal that provides services and information that link citizens and businesses to the Portuguese State.  

At ePortugal you’ll find, among others:

  • Information on over 1,000 public services for citizens and businesses
  • Access to digital public services
  • Addresses and operating hours for Public Administration service points and locations

Portugal is one of the leading countries in providing online public services.

Europewide, Portal Digital Único (Single Digital Gateway) promotes online access to all information about the services available on national websites for each country. The goal is to add to a single website the rights and duties of citizens who want to live, study, work, or open a business in the European Union, as well as related legal procedures.

ePortugal Benefits

  • Aggregate all digital public services in Portugal on a single website
  • Provide clear and simple information on public services
  • Facilitate interactions between businesses and citizens with the Public Administration

Single Digital Portal Benefits

  • Facilitate document sharing between the authorities of each European country
  • Contribute to the consolidation of the single market
  • Mitigate obstacles between citizens and countries in the European Union

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