Incubation vouchers

Support for entrepreneurship projects through incubation services.

Non-refundable incentive for hiring incubator services, with a 75% support rate, up to a maximum of 5,000€ per project.  

Aimed at micro and small companies created less than a year ago, with entrepreneurial projects.

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Grant support to entrepreneurial projects of companies under one year old, through hiring services provided by previously accredited incubators.

More information on how to access this incentive:

Expenses related to incubation services in the area of entrepreneurship, essential for business start-ups, are eligible:  

Management Services 

  • Business model definition/consolidation
  • Monitoring the operational management of the business (including commercial management, financial planning and management control)
  • Tutorial and management training

Marketing Services 

  • Structuring the communication/marketing strategy 
  • Promotion of the activity, products and services 
  • Structuring/consolidation of the internationalization process

Legal Advisory Services 

  • Legal counseling and support

Product and service development

  • Business Process Digitization
  • Protection/valuation of intellectual property rights

Financing Services 

  • Enterprise and Innovation Contest Applications
  • Liaison with investors and financial entities 

Micro and small enterprises of any nature and under any legal form, created less than one year ago.

  • The date of application must be prior to the contract date with the service provider.
  • Prove that the funding sources are secured.  
  • A maximum execution period of 12 months, except in duly justified cases.
  • Do not match a project in progress at the accredited entity. 
  • Identify in a clear, objective and practical way the problem to be solved and demonstrate that the acquired services will contribute to its resolution.
  • Demonstrate the incremental and non-recurring nature of the contracted activity. 
  • It must correspond to an acquisition of services from an accredited entity, and evidence that in this acquisition at least two of the accredited entities in the selected intervention were consulted, if any. 
  • Have no projects approved in the investment priorities of the SME (small and medium enterprises) productive innovation area.


The support rate is 75%, up to a maximum of 5,000€ per project.  

Source: Information adapted from the Competitiveness Portal and the Financing Portal.  
This content has been adapted and summarized. For more information consult the regulations, notices and other information provided by the incentive’s managing entities.


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