National Digital Competence Initiative - INCoDe 2030

The goal is to provide digital skills to all Portuguese by investing in inclusion and digital literacy, education for new generations, qualification of the active population, advanced and specialized training for senior managers, and research.

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Get Portugal on par with the most advanced European countries in terms of digital skills, within a time frame extending to 2030.  

What is it?

INCoDe.2030 seeks to improve the digital skills of all Portuguese. It presents itself as an aggregator of various initiatives with converging objectives, promoted by public and private entities, which are structured around five action axis, ensuring gender equality and fostering equal opportunities:

Training young people by strengthening digital skills across all education and training levels and modalities. 

Professional training for adults, aiming at employment qualification and greater added value in the economy. 

Enabling and spreading to the entire population and territory access to digital technologies, in order to provide information, communication, access and usage of public and private digital services. 

Promote higher level training, reinforcing the supply of higher technical professional courses in this field, as well as professional graduate and post-graduate training. 

Ensuring the necessary conditions for new knowledge production, particularly in disruptive technologies, and active participation in international R&D networks and programs. 

Fields of Action

  • Widespread digital literacy with a focus on the full exercise of citizenship and effective inclusion in the digital society.
  • Promote gender equality with a goal of increasing women’s participation in digital in all intervention fields, from education to technology-based entrepreneurship, research, and involvement in international R&D and knowledge production networks. 
  • Empowering students and teachers by ensuring teaching that fosters inclusion, digital literacy, and information literacy.
  • Train trainees and trainers by promoting the necessary skills development for the exercise of citizenship and professional insertion.
  • Stimulate employability through training, education, and professional specialization in digital technologies and applications.
  • Reinforcing public employees’ digital skills as a fundamental condition for the State and Public Administration’s digital transition.
  • Promote digital-based entrepreneurship that allows for the development of new value-added products and services with high potential for growth and internationalization.
  • Attract investment aiming at an economic and business development model based on technological and non-technological companies that make the most of digital technologies and generate qualified employment.
  • Raise national involvement in international R&D and knowledge production networks.
  • Ensure equal access to education, vocational training, employability and digital skills for people with disabilities. 

Get to know the Resolution of the Council of Ministers that reviews and approves the guiding principles of INCoDe.2030

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