Coaching 4.0

It is a voucher-like incentive to boost the technological component of companies.

Coaching 4.0 – Business model support for the digital transition is a measure included in the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR). With a total allocation of 40 million euros, it is associated with an incentive system to foster the digital maturity of companies. 

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Fostering technology integration in companies by supporting process development and organizational competencies that drive the business model's digital transformation.

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Incluir as atividades das indústrias culturais e criativas
Em que a criatividade, a propriedade intelectual e o conhecimento cultural são utilizados para produzir bens e serviços transacionáveis internacionalizáveis com significado social e cultural.

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This content has been adapted and summarized. For more information please consult the regulations, notices and other information made available by the incentive’s managing entities.

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