Industry 4.0 vouchers

Incentives for SMEs to strengthen their digital capabilities, in line with Industry 4.0.

Assistance in the form of vouchers for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that want to digitalize their business by building a website, setting up e-commerce or improving their user experience, positioning in search engines, investing in digital marketing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, or contracting services.

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Promote the creation of a proprietary technological strategy to improve the company's competitiveness, aligned with Industry 4.0 principles.

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Invest in digital transformation through the adoption of technologies that enable disruptive changes in SMEs business models (acquisition of consulting services to identify a strategy for adopting technologies and processes associated with Industry 4.0, particularly in the areas of design and implementation of strategies applied to digital channels for managing markets, channels, products or customer segments; design, implementation, optimization of web content management platforms, campaign management, customer relationship management, e-commerce, etc.).

More information on how to access this incentive.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of any nature and under any legal form.

  • Be legally constituted.  
  • Tax and contributory situation must be regularized. 
  • Legally able to develop the activities in the covered area. 
  • Have, or be able to ensure until the application is approved, the technical, physical and financial means, and the Human Resources necessary for the operation. 
  • Present a balanced economic-financial situation or demonstrate financing capacity for the operation.
  • No projects approved in the same investment priority.
  • No projects approved in the SME Qualification investment priority while applying for the Innovation/Industry 4.0 voucher.
  • Company with at least 3 employees at the time of application. 
  • Consult at least two entities accredited for the domain of intervention ("service provision in Industry 4.0").
  • Not to have other applications approved or under decision in the investment typology "Qualification of SMEs", including applications previously approved in the Innovation Voucher. 
  • Commit to submit information, evaluating the service provided by the respective accredited entity. 

Consulting entities providing technical assistance services to companies in the scope of the Industry 4.0 Voucher must be accredited. You can find the list of accredited entities here. 

Non-reimbursable incentive of 75% with a 7.500 euro limit per project.

  • You can consult the specifics of the Innovation/Industry 4.0 Voucher in articles 40 to 88 of Portaria n.º 57-A/2015 of February 27th. 
  • The last notice opened for this measure was n.º 29/SI/2018 SI Qualification of SMEs – Industry 4.0 Voucher, which you can consult to prepare future applications, subject to the possibility that future notices may change. 

Source: Information adapted from the Competitiveness Portal and the Financing Portal 
This content has been adapted and summarized. For more information consult the regulations, notices and other information provided by the incentive’s managing entities.

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